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Type Of Lock Crossword Clue

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Type Of Lock Crossword Clue

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Possible answer:- COMBINATION


A combination is a mathematical technique that determines the number of possible arrangements in a collection of items where the order of the selection does not matter. In combinations, you can select the items in any order. Combinations can be confused with permutations.

This is the linking together of one grammar form (an ending, a grammar word, a particular word type, a phrase type, a clause type, or simply nothing) with another that most mother-tongue speakers of the language would consider to be an unnatural partner.

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Other clues for Type Of Lock Crossword

Rank Word Clue
95% COMBINATION Type of lock
95% YALE Type of lock
29% MORTISE Type of lock or wheel
4% TRESS Lock of hair
3% DRESSER Type of sideboard
3% KETO Type of diet
3% NUM ___ Lock (computer key)
3% RELIEVER Type of pitcher
3% KEYHOLE Lock aperture
3% LEANTO Type of shed
3% CREPEPAN Type of skillet
3% SOYA Type of bean
3% LENTIL Type of pulse
3% BEETLE Type of insect
3% BASMATI Type of rice
3% SKEET Type of trapshooting
3% SEPTIC Type of tank
3% CANAL Lock setting
3% KEYS Lock openers
3% FONT Type of type

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