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Revoke Crossword Clue

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Revoke Crossword Clue

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Possible answer:- RESCIND


Rescission is cancelling the contract as if it had never existed. This is to be contrasted with termination which stops the contract at the time it is terminated. The act of rescission means that the parties are restored to the status quo prior to contract and the contract is treated as never having existed.

Rescission is when a contract is rendered null and void, and so is no longer recognized as legally binding. The courts can free non-liable parties from their agreed obligations and, when possible, will effectively seek to restore them to the position they were in before the contract was signed.

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Other clues for Revoke Crossword

Rank Word Clue
95% RESCIND Revoke
95% ANNUL Revoke
95% CANCEL Revoke
95% ADEEM Revoke
37% RENEGE Revoke.
33% REPEAL Annul, revoke
31% RENIG Revoke: Var.
27% COUNTERMAND Revoke an order.
24% RECANT Revoke a former declaration
19% ABROGATE Revoke sailor’s rank holding voyage up
19% DISBAR Revoke a lawyer’s license to practice.
18% NULLIFY Revoke in full for a change? Yes

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