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Movie Agent On Entourage Crossword Clue

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Movie Agent On Entourage Crossword Clue

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Possible answer:- ARIGOLD


That night, Ari’s wife informs Ari that she is officially filing for divorce. Later that night, Ari drunkenly calls Dana, who agrees to continue seeing him. Ari confesses that he still loves his wife and the two agree to end their romance but maintain their professional relationship.

Ari Gold, the New York City-based dance music artist and DJ, has died at 47 after a long battle with leukemia, according to multiple reports. Since drag icon RuPaul posted the news on his Twitter account, his friends and collaborators have shared tributes and remembrances.

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Other clues for Movie Agent On Entourage Crossword

Rank Word Clue
95% ARIGOLD Movie agent on ‘Entourage’
4% ARI Vincent’s agent in ‘Entourage’
3% POSSE Entourage
3% NARC DEA agent
3% SPY Secret agent
3% DYE Colouring agent
3% ACID Etcher’s agent
3% REP Agent
2% MONTAGE Movie technique
2% GARIBALDI Unifying agent making biscuit
2% CGI Movie FX
2% SCREEN Movie theater feature
2% UFOS Strange movie aircraft
2% ANTIDOTE Article on good books consumed by current counter-agent?
2% SANDRA Name on a “Speed” movie poster
2% TIEIN Action figure based on a movie, e.g
2% SCENES Movie parts
2% ELIOT Prohibition agent Ness
2% SUPER Marvellous agent, American, returned
2% NEO Agent Smith’s nemesis

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