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Latino Marvel Heroes Crossword Clue

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Latino Marvel Heroes Crossword Clue

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Possible answer:- JUAREZ

What is JUAREZ

Ciudad Juárez is a Mexican city on the Rio Grande, just south of El Paso, Texas. Its historic center is dominated by the neoclassical Cathedral of Ciudad Juárez, whose twin towers overlook leafy Plaza de Armas. Exhibits at the Museum of the Revolution on the Border trace the history of the Mexican Revolution. The Rodadora Interactive Space is a child-friendly museum with exhibits on art, technology and science.

Ciudad Juárez is in the middle of the biggest desert in Mexico. The city itself is industrial, with more than 90% of its revenues coming from American, Japanese, Chinese, and German factories.

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Other clues for Latino Marvel Heroes Crossword

Rank Word Clue
95% JUAREZ Mexican hero
31% BENITO Mexican hero Juárez
3% ELCID Castilian hero
3% ARI “Exodus” hero
3% SERAPE Mexican shawl
3% TORTAS Mexican sandwiches
3% PESO Mexican coin
3% THOR Asgardian hero
3% TEQUILA Mexican drink
3% AZTEC Old Mexican
3% PETER PAN Barrie’s hero
3% SWANN Proust hero
3% AGUA ___ fresca (Mexican drink)
3% PANCHO Mexican Villa
3% SALAMI Hero material
3% TACO Mexican meal
3% TENOR Opera hero, often
3% SENOR Mexican mister
3% PESOS Mexican moolah
3% OAXACA Mexican state

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