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Latin Suffix Crossword Clue

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Latin Suffix Crossword Clue

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Possible answer:- IOR

What is IOR

Importer of Record (IOR) is a term used in customs law. When a supply chain involves the import of goods across international borders, most governments require your company to have an established business or other legal entity in the country to take responsibility for conducting the import and export transactions.

It’s pretty simple to operate as a foreign IOR in the US. To act in such role of IOR, all one needs to do is to file for IOR number by the US Customs and Border Protection. Secondly, a customs bond has to be paid by a foreign importer to become an eligible IOR Global Services provider in the US.

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Other clues for Latin Suffix Crossword

Rank Word Clue
94% IOR Latin comparative suffix.
3% IER Comparative suffix
3% LIER Comparative suffix
2% AMAT Latin 101 word
2% OVA Latin for ‘eggs’
2% OCTO Eight, in Latin
2% REX King, in Latin
2% ECCE Latin ‘behold’
2% HACIENDA Latin American spread
2% AMO ***Latin for “love”
2% IST Follower: Suffix
2% DEI Latin gods
2% OSE Sugary suffix
2% IDEST Latin “that is”
2% ETAL Latin list ender
2% ERN Directional suffix
2% OLA Slangy suffix
2% ETALIA Latin list ender
2% INTER Latin ‘between’
2% PIG ___ Latin

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