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Grazing Animal Crossword Clue

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Grazing Animal Crossword Clue

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Possible answer:- BISON

What is BISON

Bison, (genus Bison), also called buffalo or wisent, either of two species of oxlike grazing mammals that constitute the genus Bison of the family Bovidae. bison), commonly known as the buffalo or the plains buffalo, is native to North America, and the European bison (B. bonasus), or wisent, is native to Europe.

The bison and the domestic cow belong to the same family (Bovidae) and are genetically similar. They are also very similar in their grazing habits and preferences”. Not surprisingly, because of the assumed similarities between the two animals, it is claimed that cattle are nothing more than domestic bison.

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Other clues for Grazing Animal Crossword

Rank Word Clue
95% BISON Large grazing animal
3% POLARBEAR Large animal opposite brook
3% WRIT ___ large
3% LET Net-grazing serve
3% MEADOW Grazing spot
2% HARE Arctic animal
2% ELK Antlered animal
2% FOX Sly animal
2% BEAR Ursine animal
2% ZOO Animal park
2% ASS Pack animal
2% DEN Animal house
2% HORSE Carousel animal
2% STAG Antlered animal
2% LLAMA Andean animal
2% PELTS Animal skins
2% IGUANA Large lizard
2% FANGS Large teeth
2% FEAST Large meal
2% HEN Barnyard animal

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