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Glide Along Crossword Clue

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Glide Along Crossword Clue

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Possible answer:- SKIM

What is SKIM

Both types of milk are great for weight loss as both of them have less fat and calories. But skimmed milk is a better than toned milk in aiding weight loss, as skimmed milk has more protein than double toned milk.

Choosing fortified skim milk allows you to get vitamins A and D without the saturated fat found in higher-fat dairy products. Vitamin D helps to ensure that your body can use calcium properly. It helps you absorb the calcium from milk and also helps your body transport calcium to the tissues that need it to function.

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Other Clues
Rate Cross Word Possible Clue
95% SKIM Glide along.
40% COAST Glide along
40% SKATE Glide along
40% SOAR Glide along
35% SCUD Glide along easily
31% COASTERS Vessels — they glide along?
31% SKI Glide along a piste
3% LEDON Strung along
3% RELAY Pass along
3% AGREE Go along with
3% LEADON String along
3% TOWS Pulls along
3% SLINK Creep (along)
3% LEADSON Strings along
3% SAYSYES Goes along
3% LACROSSE ‘Along ___ spider …’
3% DRIFT Float along
3% SPED Hurried along
3% TOTED Lugged along
3% AMBLE Mosey along

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