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Give Feedback Crossword Clue

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give feedback crossword clue

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Possible answer:- REPLY

What is REPLY

Replying to an e-mail is analogous to sending a letter back to someone, but over the Internet. When you have received a message, e-mail clients have the Reply or Reply all option. Reply all sends it to everyone who initially received your message, as well those who were CC’ed (carbon copied).

How do you use reply?

Reply sentence example
  1. When I didn’t reply , she continued.
  2. His reply was fast.
  3. She smiled at his reply , relieved, then texted Dusty.
  4. In reply the pope prepared a bull of excommunication against those who should infringe the prerogatives of the Holy See in this matter.
  5. Dean started to reply , but she cut him off.

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