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Enlighten Crossword Clue

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Enlighten Crossword Clue

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Possible answer: EDIFY

All Other enlighten crossword clue Answer

Clue Answer Letters
Enlighten EDIFY 5
Enlighten TUTOR 5
Enlighten BREAK 5
Enlighten BREED 5

What is EDIFY

Edify means to instruct and improve especially in moral and religious knowledge.

The Latin noun aedes, meaning “house” or “temple,” is the root of aedificare, a verb meaning “to erect a house.” Generations of speakers built on that meaning, and by the Late Latin period, the verb had gained the figurative sense of “to instruct or improve spiritually.”

The word eventually passed through Anglo-French before Middle English speakers adopted it as edify during the 14th century. Two of its early meanings, “to build” and “to establish,” are now considered archaic; the only current sense of edify is essentially the same as that figurative meaning in Late Latin, “to instruct and improve in moral and religious knowledge.”

It’s often used in the negative. If you say something is not edifying, you mean that it’s unpleasant and unacceptable. Edifying applies to things that help you become a better person. A wise saying is edifying.

How do you use the word edify?

  1. As good Christians, we must seek to edify our neighbors about God and Jesus Christ. …
  2. The teacher hoped her speech about good citizenship would edify her students and encourage them to contribute to their communities.

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