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Daily Trio Crossword Clue

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Daily Trio Crossword Clue

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Possible answer:- MEALS

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What is MEALS

A meal is an eating occasion that takes place at a certain time and includes prepared food. The names used for specific meals in English vary, depending on the speaker’s culture, the time of day, or the size of the meal. Meals occur primarily at homes, restaurants, and cafeterias, but may occur anywhere.

Types of meals
  • Breakfast – eaten within an hour or two after a person wakes in the morning.
  • Lunch – eaten around mid-day, usually between 11 am and 3 pm. In some areas, the name for this meal depends on its content.
  • Dinner – eaten in the evening.

Other clues for Daily Trio Crossword

Rank Word Clue
95% MEALS Daily trio
95% SQUAREMEALS Daily trio
30% SQUARES Daily trio for many
27% MEAL One of a daily trio
27% SQUAREMEAL One of a daily trio
27% LUNCH One of a daily trio
24% SQUAREAL Any of a healthy daily trio
3% RATRACE Daily grind
3% NOP Trio after M
3% BEARS Fairy tale trio
3% JOURNALCONSTITUTION Atlanta daily since 2001
3% TEMPS Daily highs and lows
3% MNO Telephone trio
3% PET Thing fed daily
3% WXY Former telephone trio
3% MAGI Ancient trio
3% NEWS Daily paper fodder
3% GLOBE ”Daily Planet” logo
3% NONET Trio tripled
3% SACBEE NorCal daily

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