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Custard Dessert Crossword Clue

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Custard Dessert Crossword Clue

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Possible answer: FLAN

Other Custard Dessert Crossword Clue 
Rank Word Clue
95% CREMECARAMEL Custard dessert
95% FLAN Custard dessert
95% ECLAIR Custard dessert
40% TART Egg ___ (custard dessert)

What is FLAN

Flan can refer to two different things: either a baked custard dessert topped with caramel similar to the French crème caramel, or a tart-like sweet pastry with a filling called a fruit flan. It’s going to be eggy, more so than a typical pudding or custard.

The body of the flan itself is not typically very sweet, this is why it’s got the caramelized sugar syrup, to throw the eggy richness into relief. You have the sharp almost burnt sugar taste, and then the neutral caramel taste.

What’s flan made of?

What is FlanFlan is a European and Latin dessert made up of a caramel topping and custard base that’s made with milk, eggs and sweetener (which may already be included in the milk). It is usually baked in a water bath for the best texture, and after baking it is chilled then later inverted onto a platter.

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