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Cracks Mind Crossword Clue

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Cracks Mind Crossword Clue

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Possible answer:- AJAR

What is AJAR

If a door is open, you can not necessarily just step right up but also not completely close off. The only way that is sure to know is to ask Erwin Schroldinger to lend a hand and see.

Ajar means a possibility of sliding open and twisting a door and only that interruption would solve it. Maybe the opposite side needs a break but they don’t want to but they don’t have to. Or has not really had momentum. Or will be not here yet. Or he will not. Or cat? In theoretically no one but rather a constant oscillation or vacuum?

Lit. reward or repayment. This is usually used to refer to the reward that Allah will grant for the doing of good deeds. It can also refer to the punishment that will be awarded for evil deeds.

Other Clues 

Other Clues for Cracks Mind Crossword
Rank Word Clue
94% AJAR Solved
92% FISSURED Solved
92% DECODED Solved
92% BATTY Solved
92% MAD Solved
92% NUTS Solved
92% LOCO Solved
92% NUTSO Solved
92% WENTMAD Solved
92% LOONY Solved
92% INSANE Solved
92% DECRYPTED Solved
92% DAFFY Solved
92% NUTSY Solved
92% GONEAPE Solved
92% NUTTY Solved
92% QUIPPED Solved
92% RIMOSE Solved
34% RIVED Solved.
34% CHAPPED Solved.

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