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Cookie Cooks Crossword Clue

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Cookie Cooks Crossword Clue

Cookie Cooks Crossword Clue

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Possible answer:- DISCBAKERS


To be discerning is to be able to tell things apart—to separate them, even when they appear to be very similar. People who are discerning are able to make keen observations about things. A person with a discerning palate may be able to discern flavors that others cannot.

Instead of housing the major components within a metal drum, disc brakes use a slim rotor and small caliper to halt wheel movement. But unlike drum brakes, which allow heat to build up inside the drum during heavy braking, the rotor used in disc brakes is fully exposed to outside air.

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Other Clues for Cookie Cooks

Rank Word Clue
95% DISCBAKERS Cookie cooks?
3% THINMINT Chocolate-coated cookie
3% OREO Nabisco cookie
3% SNAP Ginger cookie
3% SLEEVE Record or cookie container
3% KEEBLER Cookie brand with spokeselves
3% OVAL Milano cookie shape
3% TIN Cookie container
2% HMM ”Now, that cookie was sitting right here a minute ago”
2% OREOCONE Chocolate cookie-flavored ice cream holder
2% SHAPE Distinctive part of a cookie cutter
2% UTENSILS Enlist cooks in America with sets of knives
2% BLONDIE Mother of Alexander and Cookie, in the comics
2% CIS ”__ for Cookie” (”Sesame Street” song)
2% MILANO Oblong cookie from Pepperidge Farm
2% FIG Fruit in a ”Newton” cookie
2% OTIS Spunkmeyer of cookie fame
2% FORMULAE Four male cooks creating recipes
2% BAKES Cooks.
2% BRAISES Cooks.

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