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Actress Reid Crossword Clue

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Actress Reid Crossword Clue

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Possible answer: TARA

What is TARA

Tara is a given name with multiple meanings in different cultures. The name is popular in Ireland and Australia. In Ireland, it is derived from The Hill of Tara which is an archaeological site located near the River Boyne in County Meath, and which according to tradition, was the seat of the High King of Ireland.

What does Tara mean in Ireland?

Tara is an Irish female name, derived from a place name in the Kingdom of Meath. Tara is the anglicized form of the Gaelic word “teamhair” (towr) meaning “hill” but has come to imply more of an “elevated place” given the significance of the location among the ancient Irish kings.
Other Possible Meanings of TARA
Acronym Definition
TARA Technology and Action for Rural Advancement (India)
TARA Troy Amateur Radio Association
TARA Tiger Analytical Research Assistant
TARA Technology Area Review and Assessment

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