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Actress Annable Crossword Clue

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Actress Annable Crossword Clue

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Possible answer:- NED

What is NED

NED is an acronym that stands for “no evidence of disease.” Doctors use the term NED when all signs and symptoms of your cancer are gone. NED is also referred to as complete remission.

As for remission and NED, a patient considered to be in complete remission may still have cancer cells in the body because current testing methods are not able to detect individual cells or very small clusters of cells. This term means the same thing as Remission and No Evidence of Disease.

Other Clues 

Other Clues for Actress Annable Crossword
Rank Word Clue
95% NED Actor Beatty
95% ASA Actor Butterfield
95% IAN Actor McKellen
95% ASNER Actor Ed
95% SAL Actor Mineo
95% REA Actor Stephen
95% TED Actor Danson
95% LIAM Actor Hemsworth
95% REX Actor Harrison
95% MODINE Actor Matthew
95% SEAN Actor Connery
95% KLINE Actor Kevin
95% PLATT Actor Oliver
95% ALAN Actor Rickman
95% ALDA Actor Alan
95% ASHTON Actor Kutcher
95% CARY Actor Grant
95% VING Actor Rhames
89% SEANBEAN “Patriot Games” actor
89% TAYE “Rent” actor Diggs

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