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A Thousand Times Over Crossword Clue

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A Thousand Times Over Crossword Clue

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Possible answer:- NOA

What is NOA

Your notice of assessment (NOA) is an evaluation of your tax return that the Canada Revenue Agency sends you every year after you file your tax return. Your NOA includes the date we checked your tax return, and the details about how much you may owe, or get as a refund or credit.

The Notice of Assessment, or NOA in short, is a document prepared by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore to act as the official tax bill for both individuals and registered companies. It essentially spells out your chargeable income plus the corresponding tax amount that’s payable to the IRAS.

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Other clues for A Thousand Times Over Crossword

Rank Word Clue
95% NOA “…___ thousand times…”
38% NONOA “___ Thousand Times . . .”
29% REJECTIONS A thousand times no?
29% OVERMYDEADBODY “A thousand times no!”
29% NEVER A thousand times no!
29% ITA “I’ve said ___ thousand times …”
23% JULIET ‘A thousand times good night!’ speaker
23% DENIALS No, no, a thousand times no?
21% REPOST Meme you’ve seen a thousand times, maybe
21% NOES They might be heard a thousand times
21% IDIED “___ a Thousand Times” (1955 Jack Palance film)
21% PALANCE “I Died a Thousand Times” star Jack
15% HELLO Adele song with the lyric ‘I must have called a thousand times’
13% YORICK Of whom Hamlet said “He hath borne me on his back a thousand times”
12% NEGATIVE 1,000 in the phrase “No, no a thousand times no!” is an example of a ___ number
3% EVES Preparation times
3% SESSIONS Recording times
3% TONK Hit 100 thousand!
3% OCTOBERS Harvest times
3% NOONS High times?

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