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1990s Indian Pm Crossword Clue

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1990s Indian Pm Crossword Clue

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Possible answer:- RAO

What is RAO

In the field of ship design and design of other floating structures, a response amplitude operator (RAO) is an engineering statistic, or set of such statistics, that are used to determine the likely behavior of a ship when operating at sea. RAOs are usually calculated for all ship motions and for all wave headings.

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Other cxluws for 1990s Indian Pm Crossword

Rank Word Clue
95% RAO 1990s Indian P.M
3% ACHIEVA 1990s Oldsmobile
3% NEHRU India’s first P.M
2% SAMOSA Indian turnover
2% DELHI Indian city
2% GEO The 1990s Metro, for one
2% RUPEE Indian coin
2% SAHIB Indian title
2% SRI Indian honorific
2% NOON When a.m. becomes p.m
2% OCEAN Indian, for example
2% CHAI Indian beverage
2% NAAN Indian bread
2% AMAH Indian nurse
2% BUSHES 1990s White House occupants
2% HINDU Indian believer
2% ROTI Indian flatbread
2% BALKANS Setting of 1990s military conflicts
2% TAEBO Exercise program since the 1990s
2% PASEOS Sporty 1990s Toyotas

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